Окрасочно сушильная камера

Окрасочно сушильная камера

Окрасочно сушильная камера

Артикул: Окрасочно сушильная камера Категория: Метка:


Покрасочная сушильная камера  предназначена для полной окраски автомобилей или отдельных элементов кузова и любых деталей.

Outside Size(mm) 7000*4000*3500
Front Door(mm) 3000*2750(W*H)
Inside Size(mm) 6900*3900*2800
Total Power(KW) 12KW for diesel burner /                                   36KW for infrared heating
Wall Panel EPS colorful steel skin panel, 50mm thick; steel plate thickness 0.4mm; Tongue&groove style, anti-flame and heat-insulation.
Basement Galvanized steel sheet and square steel pipe assembling, 2 rows of grid plates made by flat bar and round steel; 3 rows of diamond plates, galvanized; 2 rows of ramps.
Intake Fans Two sets of 3KW fan for intaking air, air capacity 20000m3/h
Exhaust Fans One set of 4KW fan for exhausting air, air capacity 12500m3/h
Purification system Pre-filter, 600G high efficiency ceiling filter, Fiberglass floor filter.
Heating System

(diesel burner or infrared heating)

Italy Riello G10 Diesel Burner, 100000Kcal/h. Stainless steel heat exchanger,
argon arc welding. Auto-damper for changing spraying and baking.
For infrared heating system: 3 Tubes/unit, totally 8 heating units, 24KW.
Lighting System For Diesel Burner heating system. Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×18W.                        Side Lights: 6Units×4Pcs=24Pcs×14W
For Infrared heating system. Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×18W.
Controlling system Power switch, Spray/baking switch, Light switch, Temperature Setup, Emergency stop, etc.

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